Putting together your KiiFO kit is half the fun!

Below are the assembly instructions for the Tynii (Mini Helicopter) Kit. Click on an image to see an enlarged version.

Finished product:

Tynii Mini Helicopter


KiiFO kits are made from quality cardboard. They are designed to be light enough so that a child can wear them for quite some time without becoming fatigued.

The thinness of the cardboard can make assembly of the kits a bit difficult in places. To facilitate construction, some of the panels come with slotted tabs through which it is possible to insert a temporary cardboard pin which helps to hold everything in place.

Take your time and enjoy the process. It will all come together at the gluing stage.

You will need:
  • scissors
  • hot-melt glue gun
  • clear space
  • craft knife is handy
  • clothes pegs make useful clamps

Some of the waste cardboard pieces are very small. If you are constructing a kit in the presence of a small child, put the slot waste and other small pieces of cardboard into a handy bin or bag. Poke out all of the slots before you start the project in order to eliminate choking hazards.


You can spray or roll paint onto your kit when it is still in the flat-pack form.
The white side takes paint very well.
The kit may be painted after assembly too. Felt-tip pens work well. The kit might be a work in progress. Think of it as a three dimensional canvas.

When you are happy with the decoration, submit your photos to us to put into our Gallery for others to see!


The panels may be spray painted before they are pressed out:

KiiKA assembly spray painting

step one

Cut six wedges from a piece of waste cardboard. These will be used as temporary pins to hold the kit together during construction.

Tynii kit assembly step 1

step two

Enlarge the tab holes on the backrest with a pencil. The wedges will fit more easily:

Tynii kit assembly step 2

Do the same for the tail support bracket:

Tynii kit assembly step 2

step three

Join the backrest panel to the helicopter side and pin the hole in the tab.

Attach the other side in the same way.

Tynii kit assembly step 3

step four

Join the tail support panel to the sides and pin the tabs:

Tynii kit assembly step 4

step five

Attach the grill panel to the sides. Enlarge the tab holes if you need to. Pin the tabs:

Tynii kit assembly step 5

step six

Insert the control panel. Small slots are at the bottom.

Tynii kit assembly step 6

step seven

Fit the dashboard panel – the curved edge goes inside:

Tynii kit assembly step 7

step eight

Insert the tabs of the chin panel into the bottom slots of the control panel.
Now lift and secure the panel so that it fits just behind the grill.

Tynii kit assembly step 8

step nine

Fit the windscreen panel:

Tynii kit assembly step 9

step ten

Fit the roof panel:

Tynii kit assembly step 10

step eleven

Slide each tail panel up into the slots of the tail support.
Hold the tail out wide so that you can slide it up to allow the large tab on the roof panel to slot into the respective tail.

Tynii kit assembly step 11

step twelve

Slide the tabs into the tail slots.
Attach the three fins.

Tynii kit assembly step 12

step thirteen

Rotor shaft:

  • Roll up the smaller rectangle cut-out to make a shaft (or cut your own).
  • Pin the tail rotor between the two tail panels with the shaft.
  • Stretch an elastic band around from side to side as shown. Tuck a pencil between the panels. This will create enough room for the rotor to spin.
  • Later on the shaft will be glued. Then you can take off the band and cut the shaft to size.

Tynii kit assembly step 13

It’s time to plug in the glue gun. If you think your child is capable enough, they might like to do some of the gluing and pretend that they are a welder!

step fourteen

Roll up a main rotor shaft from the largest rectangle cut-out (or cut a longer one yourself) and place it in the hole in the roof.
Glue the shaft to the roof.
Place the rotor mount panel over the shaft.

Tynii kit assembly step 14

step fifteen

Bring the sides of the rotor mount panel together and slide the unit down until tabs are into the roof slots:

Tynii kit assembly step 15

step sixteen

Glue the edges of the mount so that they join neatly. You can also glue the mount to the roof.

Tynii kit assembly step 16

step seventeen

Place a dab of glue on the tail rotor shaft. When it’s hard you can take off the band and trim the shaft.

Tynii kit assembly step 17

step eighteen

Now is the time for some strategic gluing around the kit. It looks best if you glue on the inside.

The kit becomes quite durable with a minimum of gluing (unless you’re having too much fun pretending to be a welder!).

Three large sticks will be plenty!

Tynii kit assembly step 18

Do not glue the chin tabs where they fit into the bottom of the control panel. These slots will be used for the straps.

Tynii kit assembly step 18

step nineteen

Insert the straps as shown. Use two of the control panel waste pieces as stoppers. Go over and under and back through the slot.

Tynii kit assembly step 19

Thread the strap through the bottom slot in the backrest.
Come up the back and thread the middle slot.
Go back down and re-thread the bottom slot. Pull the tail out to the side.
The third slot is redundant.

Tynii kit assembly step 19

The straps are at about the right adjustment when you can put a ruler through them from the window sills.
When the child is happy with the straps, the straps can be given a dab of glue to prevent them from slipping.

Tynii kit assembly step 19

step twenty – last step!

Put the cardboard washer over the rotor shaft and put on the rotor blade.

Stretch an elastic band over the shaft to prevent the rotor blade from falling off. Trim the shaft.

Tynii kit assembly step 20

The child can easily get into the Helicopter by tipping it on its nose and ducking their head inside, keeping their arms to the outside of the straps.