Putting together your KiiFO kit is half the fun!

Below are the assembly instructions for the CHEEKii (Helicopter) Kit. Click on an image to see an enlarged version.

Finished product:

Cheeki Helicopter Tile


KiiFO kits are made from quality cardboard. They are designed to be light enough so that a child can wear them for quite some time without becoming fatigued.

The thinness of the cardboard can make assembly of the kits a bit difficult in places. To facilitate construction, some of the panels come with slotted tabs through which it is possible to insert a temporary cardboard pin which helps to hold everything in place.

Take your time and enjoy the process. It will all come together at the gluing stage.

You will need:
  • scissors
  • hot-melt glue gun
  • clear space
  • craft knife is handy
  • clothes pegs make useful clamps

Some of the waste cardboard pieces are very small. If you are constructing a kit in the presence of a small child, put the slot waste and other small pieces of cardboard into a handy bin or bag. Poke out all of the slots before you start the project in order to eliminate choking hazards.


You can spray or roll paint onto your kit when it is still in the flat-pack form.
The white side takes paint very well.
The kit may be painted after assembly too. Felt-tip pens work well. The kit might be a work in progress. Think of it as a three dimensional canvas.

When you are happy with the decoration, submit your photos to us to put into our Gallery for others to see!


The panels may be spray painted before they are pressed out:

KiiKA assembly spray painting

step one

Score the handhold tabs with a pen:

  • Score one in line with cabin edge.
  • The other score 5mm apart – this will allow the handhold to bend easily.

CHEEkii kit assembly step 1

Press the handhold flat:

CHEEkii kit assembly step 1

step two

Cut eight tapered wedges as shown below. These will be used as temporary pins to hold the kit together during construction.

CHEEkii kit assembly step 2

step three

Enlarge the eight tabs with holes in them so that the wedges will fit more easily:

CHEEkii kit assembly step 3


Bend the cabin top progressively one corrugation at a time.
It’s a long panel but a pair of extra, little hands will make it fun.
Place the panel on a table and use both hands to gently bend the cardboard bit by bit. It only needs a tiny bit of bend on each corrugation.

CHEEkii kit assembly step 4


Bend up the dashboard along the score lines:

CHEEkii kit assembly step 5


Join the dashboard to the two side panels. Locate the dash with temporary wedges through the tabs.

CHEEkii kit assembly step 6


Attach the backrest to the cabin sides. Use a wedge to pin the tab:

CHEEkii kit assembly step 7


Attach the pre-bent cabin top to the sides.

Begin with the top/rear tab—pin with a wedge, then locate the rest of the tabs. Do the same for the other side.

CHEEkii kit assembly step 8

Make sure the tabs from all of the panels are lined up. Squeeze the sides together.
You can use clothes pegs if you’re having trouble holding the body together.

CHEEkii kit assembly step 8

Time to warm up the glue gun!


Tack the panels with dabs of glue in strategic places. Your child might like to do this if you are comfortable with them using the glue gun.


Two large sticks of glue will be ample.

CHEEkii kit assembly step 9

3 cm tacks wherever there is a bit of movement will make the kit quite sturdy.

CHEEkii kit assembly step 9


Bend the dorsal panel at the front as shown:

CHEEkii kit assembly step 10


Insert the dorsal panel tab into the cabin roof slot.
From inside the cabin, pinch the protruding tabs on the dorsal tab so that they are bent over. This will prevent the panel from pulling out of the cabin roof.

CHEEkii kit assembly step 11

The photo below shows the tabs bent over from inside cabin:

CHEEkii kit assembly step 11


One at a time, attach the two tail boom panels.
Slide them up through the long slot in the cabin roof until the tabs on the dorsal panel can engage the slots on the boom:

CHEEkii kit assembly step 12


Bend out the two tabs on the bottom of the backrest, then kink them over and slot them through the tail boom panel:

CHEEkii kit assembly step 13

The fins will hold them in place:

CHEEkii kit assembly step 13


Roll up a shaft from the small rectangular panel and use it to attach the tail rotor.
Hold with an elastic band. Use a pencil to maintain a space so the rotor will turn later.
Glue the shaft to the tail.

CHEEkii kit assembly step 14


Bend up the rotor mount along the four score lines.
Insert the back tab into the slot of the dorsal panel.
Insert the side tabs next.
Insert the front tab last.

CHEEkii kit assembly step 15


Roll up a rotor shaft from the large rectangular panel. Insert through rotor mount all the way until it is just through the hole in the dorsal panel.
You will be able to see it through the large hole at the back of the rotor mount.

CHEEkii kit assembly step 16


A toilet roll will fit neatly into the rotor mount to make an exhaust pipe.
Fit the main rotor onto the shaft and keep it in place with a rubber band.

CHEEkii kit assembly step 17

STEP eighteen

Attach the straps at the front as shown below. A dab of glue will help to hold the straps if they are not gripping.

CHEEkii kit assembly step 18

STEP nineteen- LAST STEP!

Attach the straps at the rear as shown and adjust the straps to suit the child.

CHEEkii kit assembly step 19

The child can enter the helicopter by tipping it on its nose and ducking inside, making sure that the arms are to the outside of the straps.